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In 1980 Bill and Boyd (our adopted NZ sons) were commissioned by Apex Australia to write a song for their 50th anniversary in 1981. The resulting effort has not been on CD and is very rare indeed.

The rectangular blurb above (click to read larger print version) has most of the recording information but it is noteworthy that backing vocals were by Lynda George. Is this really meant to be Miss "Linda" George?

Here courtesy of Jimmy Barnes are...

A-side "Langham, Ewen and John"
B-side "The Apex Game"

The songs are in a zip file. No password.


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  1. Regret to inform you that Bill and Boyd did not write either of these songs. 'The Apex Game ' was written by Dave Weddell of the Grovedale Apex Club and 'Langham, Ewan and John' was written by me, Charles Smith of the Corio Apex Club.