Samantha Sang (born Cheryl Gray, 5 August 1953 Melbourne) was friends with the fledgling Bee Gees. She and Barry Gibb had met a number of times on TV pop shows. Samantha had been singing since the age of 15 and had already had a hit by the time she was 19.

Independently of each other, Samantha and the Bee Gees headed off to England in the late 1960s to pursue music opportunities and while Samantha was away she worked as a support act for a number of big UK artists as well as the Bee Gees.

While in the UK she was invited by the Gibbs to do some backing vocals and Barry decided to give her a crack at a solo single where Barry backed her.

"The Love Of A Woman" was the resultant track. It was written by Barry Gibb and produced by him as far as I know.

It was ignored by Oz radio stations but got into the Top 40 in NZ and parts of Europe. It was #4 hit in some parts of England and Holland.

Later in the 1970s Samantha did a remake version which is available on her greatest hits CD. The original single version has not been released on CD in Oz as far as I know.

In Europe it was released on Parlophone. In the USA it was released on Atco. In some other parts of the world it was on Polydor.

The version here for download was sent to me by Richard B. from NZ who asked me to clean up his very worn but much loved recording...


Of course I don't need to mention Sam's other big Bee Gee hit "Emotion"...which came in the 1970s...

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  1. I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not feel free to remove/edit it etc. Your blog featuring old music (and hard to find items) is an excellent idea. I run a small recording studio here in NZ and I specialise in digging up similar, old and rare tracks that have long been forgotten or relegated to the back room of most radio stations to collect dust! Also tracks which never made it to CD. I've recently shifted so my studio is a complete shambles but once I get sorted I'd be keen to share some tracks with you, and in return I am hunting some others. I see you tidied up some music for someone here in NZ - if you get any more requests to do that, and it's easier to refer them straight to me, please by all means do so. To contact me, just email - happydayradio at hotmail.com