Noel Crombie (born Geoffrey Noel Crombie 17th April 1953 in Wellington NZ) was a member of the band Split Enz. He mostly designed backdrops and costumes for their shows and worked behind the scenes as well as on stage as their drummer and percussionist.

Noel Crombie has released one solo single, "My Voice Keeps Changing On Me", in 1983 while Split Enz took a break.

After the Enz split mid-1980s, Noel formed the band Schnell Fenster with Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner and Nigel Griggs, ex-members of Split Enz, and Michael den Elzen. [Schnell Fenster have a song on this blog. Please use the search facility to locate it].

In 1988 Noel formed a group called Noel’s Cowards who put together the sound track to the movie Rikky and Pete.

In 1996, Crombie assisted Crowded House by designing the stage set design for their final concert, Farewell to the World at the Sydney Opera House.

Crombie designed the original set for ABC-TV's musical quiz program Spicks and Specks.

There is a Raven label CD called Other Enz which has the track "My Voice Keeps Changing On Me" but as usual what is purported to be the 7” version is actually not, but an alternate version with a different beginning.

Here for download is the proper single mix of "My Voice Keeps Changing On Me" courtesy of regular contributor, Jimmy Barnes:

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