The Ormsby Brothers shot to the top of the charts with their first single then slowly faded with less successful follow-ups. Their sound was almost like the USA Osmond Brothers who were enjoying world-wide success at the time.

Music producer Peter Dawkins was on a roll in the early 1970s with many top 40 hits to his credit but interestingly, none made it as high on the national charts, as a glossy remake of the old Lesley Gore hit “You Don’t Own Me” by Sydney sibling act The Ormsby Brothers, which peaked at #5. Peter said he looked back on that single, engineered by former Beatles studio assistant and later Sherbet producer Richard Lush, as the best of his early Australian productions.

The chart run for the Ormsby Brothers was not long but they made some very glossy pop while it lasted.


You Don’t Own Me - 1973 #5

Sweet Virginia - 1974 #24

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – 1974 #21

God Knows I Tried – 1974 #25

Bad Day For Love – 1975

Depending on which charts you read the single You Don’t Own Mewas either the second or fourth highest selling Oz single in 1973. The original single mix was also very short and came in about 3:30 mins. By taking the original CD mix and digitally looping parts etc I have been able to remake the song into a 6 min opus. Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version of "You Don't Own Me":



  1. Ever hear the version by American teenybopper band Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods. Almost identical. Same time, but don't really know who came first.

  2. Been looking for the Ormsby's version of You Don't Own Me for ages. Why oh why did you have to go and ruin it by extending it?????

    My search continues.