Jimmy Barnes was a rocking screamer from way back. When he left the Chisels to go solo he tried a couple of different styles but mostly they seemed like more Cold Chisel product.

"I'd Die To Be With You Tonight" was a hit in 1985. It was recorded in Los Angeles and it had numerous big-named people and Oz artists behind it. Kim Carnes, of "Bette Davis Eyes" fame did the backing vocals, Mal Eastick, from the band Stars was one of the main guitarists...Kerry Gradney on bass, Chas Sanford and Waddy Wachtel on guitars, William 'Smitty' Smith on keyboards, Tony Braungai on drums and Arno Lucas on percussion.

Chas Sanford was producer and also the songwriter. Chas is still working in the USA and sometimes works with Oz star Keith Urban.

When the CD of Jimmy's hits came out in 1996 they released a remix of the original single but the vinyl 12" has not made it to CD. The vinyl 12" was remixed at The Power Station, New York.

Here for download is the original 12" of "I'd Die To Be With You Tonight":


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