Jonathon James “Jon” English (born 26 March 1949 in London UK) is an Oz singer, musician, actor and writer. Jon English emigrated to Australia with his parents in 1961 and currently lives on the central NSW coast near Gosford. He was an early vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the pop group Sebastian Hardie (found elsewhere on this blog) but left to take on the role of Judas in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Jon is also a noted solo singer, his hit singles include:

· "Handbags and Gladrags" # 50, 1973
· "Turn the Page" #20, 1975
· "Lovin' Arms" #55, 1975
· "Laid Back in Anger" 1976
· "Hollywood Seven" #13, 1976
· "Words Are Not Enough" #6, 1978
· "Six Ribbons" #5 AUS, #1 NOR, #4 SWE 1979
· "Get Your Love Right" #27, 1979
· "Hot Town" #11, 1980
· "Carmilla" #27, 1980
· "Jokers and Queens" duet with Marcia Hines #62, 1982
· "Every Beat of My Heart" (1984)
· "Lover Please" (1987)
· "All Together Now" (1993)

· “Mikado Megamix” / “Pirate Megamix” (1995 - promo CD)

English was acclaimed for his starring role in the 1978 Australian TV series “Against The Wind” - he won a Logie for “Best New Talent”. He also co-wrote and performed the score with Mario Millo (ex-Sebastian Hardie). The series had international release, and the songs "Six Ribbons" and "Against the Wind" were released as singles, both singles and the soundtrack peaked at #1 on the Norwegian charts; the first single, "Six Ribbons" and the album, peaked at #4 on the Swedish charts.

During 1983-1985, English won four Mo Awards with three consecutive “Entertainer of the Year” awards and a further “Best Male Vocal Performer” in 1985. English has performed in Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas “The Pirates Of Penzance”, “The Mikado” and “HMS Pinafore” from 1984.

In 1995 the casts of two of Jon English's theatre productions recorded finale Megamixes for "The Mikado" and "The Pirates Of Penzance" - released on CD promos only.

The cast members on the Megamix recordings include: Jon English, Simon Gallaher, Toni Lamond (Helen Reddy’s older sister), Jason Smith, Tim Tyler, The Fabulous Singlettes, Helen Donaldson, Geraldine Turner, Drew Forthsythe and David Gould.

This download includes both Megamixes taken from the promo CD which has been long deleted.


The songs are in a zip file with the password: http://tommixmusic.blogspot.com/

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