Friend and contributor Jimmy B. has been working overtime again to find some rare items for this blog. He has already contributed many rare oldies and here are some more.

Little Pattie aka Pattie Keith aka Mrs Jacobson released a single in 1980, one of her last, which was written by her old friend Barry Gibb. The flip was written by Pattie herself. This was released on Polydo
r - see labels.

In the following zip file download are both A and B sides of the single in
320kb mp3 format.

As a bonus inclusion I have worked on the A-side to make my own fixed-up version. The raw mp3 sent by Jimmy B. had a blip about 6 seconds in.

Many thanks Jim for this rare Pattie Keith set of songs...

"Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You" and "Love Is":


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  1. Trying to finish my double Little Pattie singles collection and need these last 2 songs. Any chance that you could please re-post?