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The Venetians had many top 40 hits and a few of the singles were given 12" makeovers. Their 1988 album Amazing World produced 3 national top 100 hits "Amazing World" #77, "Must Believe" #81, and "Bitter Tears" #23. It was the latter, that was given a set of 3 extended mixes.

"Bitter Tears" had 3x12" mixes and 1x7" version released by Parole Records. The 3 extended mixes were released on blue vinyl. The 12" had centre paper labels which were not regulation size and contained large pictures of the group. The sound production on the 12" was below standard a
s the mixes on the blue vinyl b-side were set at an extremely low volume level and disc rumble and surface noise are audible throughout both mixes on this side. The a-side mix called "Electric Mix" is excellent!

The group in 1988 consisted of: Rik Swinn - lead vocals, Dave Skeet - guitars and vocals, Peter Watson - guitars and bass and Tim Powles - drums. Tim was a member of the Oz band The Church after being in The Venetians.

For download is the
"Bitter Tears" (Electric Mix):



  1. Thank you so much for this, one of my favourite songs ever!!!