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Way back in 1971 Darryl "Dazza" Cotton and Beeb Birtles formed a duo called Frieze. They produced an album - "1972 BC" - and released the singles "Feelings" and "Try Yourself" under the Frieze name but while still technically a duo they also produced a single credited under Darryl's name.

The 1972 single "Why Do Little Kids Have To Die" is beautifully crafted and although the title suggests the song will be mournful it is not that way inclined. It got as high as #25 nationally and charted well in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. It was also released on a K-tel album called 20 Solid Hits Vol.3 (see cover picture on a previous blog entry for "Gypsy Queen" by Oz group Country Radio).

All these years later the work by Frieze has finally been released on CD although it is probably a bootleg which looks very convincing with a silver label and all. The tapes used in the transfer sound excellent and there has been a lavish sleeve produced for the gate-fold CD cover. The only giveaway that it might not be "legit" is that the centre ring of the CD appears to have a CD-R number rather than a CD catalogue number (click CD picture above to enlarge).

If you can find the above CD to buy nowadays you'd be very lucky.

Here for download is an extended Tom Mix version
of "Why Do Little Kids Have To Die" using the "almost legit" CD version of the track :


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  1. Boom Crash Opera was a great band. I'm lucky to have the 12" extended versions of both Great Wall and Hands Up In The Air.