It was by happenstance this week that we went to the town of Morpeth NSW and visited a place called The Trading Post - a sort of jumble sale/market place. Inside was packed to the rafters with stacks of those old vinyl round thingies called albums. To my surprise they had a very large selection and all priced from about $4.00.

I scoured for Oz songs which have never been on CD and the first album I picked up which was in pristine condition was Barry Crocker's album called "Favourite Songs". On side-1 there are copies of "The Pensioner" and "Love Is A Beautiful Song". The latter was a massive hit for Barry and it is still not on CD. The former is available at Ozzie The Music Man's blog (see links on left of this page to other Oz music sites).

I am extremely happy to finally find this album because the only version of "
Love Is A Beautiful Song" that I have been able to score was an edited 2 min 38 secs version issued on a K-tel album called "Dynamic Hits Vol.2". Until now this was the only version made available on the Ozburn collection (which has now been corrected).

Love Is A Beautiful Song" (edited K-tel version) appears on this blog further over as do some other tracks by Barry Crocker (use search facility top left corner to locate his work).

Here at last I can present a fabulous transfer of the original 3 min 10 secs single mix of
the song:


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