Judith Durham was the lead singer of The Seekers. Not content to rest on her laurels in 1971 she got a set of solo albums pressed on the A&M Mayfair label. One of her loveliest singles of the period was "Kaleidoscope" which didn't make the charts in a big way but it is one of those songs that over time has continued to build a following of appreciative fans. The album from whence it came was "Here Am I" (click picture for track listing).

"Kaleidoscope", scored in waltz-time, was written by Rod McKuen who had numerous pop songs to his credit: "Seasons In The Sun", "Jean", "If You Go Away" and "Amsterdam". One of Rod's best vocal outings was the hit single "Baby It's Cold Outside" a duet with Dusty Springfield.

For download is a CD copy of Judith's rendition of
"Kaleidoscope" which was last issued on the CD album "Christmas In London" in 1996:


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