Formed in 1974 Supernaut (originally called Moby Dick) had a short but successful music run. Supernaut was a Molly Meldrum discovery. They hailed from Perth Western Australia. On Molly's recommendation, the band signed with Polydor Records. In 1976 Supernaut had a #9 hit with “I Like It Both Ways”. They followed that with the #10 hit “Too Hot To Touch”. In 1977 they charted with “Young And Innocent” #28 and “The Kids Are Out Tonight”, another #28 hit. In 1978 their appeal waned and with a name change to “Nauts”, they had their last hit “Unemployed” which just made the top 40 by getting to #36.

A change in sound, a change in image and a change in producer alienated Supernaut from their original fan-base in Perth and Melbourne which is where they sold well. They disbanded in 1980.

Band member Gary Twinn went on to form Twenty Flight Rockers, Chris Burham joined The Saints, Joe Burham now composes film scores and Philip Foxman writes scores for Network Ten and MTV.

Their hits were short catchy tracks but I always thought that one of them was ultra short so to rectify this situation here is the extended Tom Mix 12" version of The Kids Are Out Tonight”:


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