Dennis Wilson ex-Kahvas Jute/Chariot played in various rock bands and then went into solo projects. The 1970 Wide Open album by Kahvas Jute has made it to CD here and overseas. This album has become highly collectable worldwide. Five out of nine songs were composed by Dennis. In 1973 he moved to England with Kahvas Jute, and during this time Dennis also worked as a sound engineer with the famous English blues band Chicken Shack. In 1974 Dennis returned to Australia and played with Kahvas Jute for about a year, during which they played with Bo Diddley, as his backing band for a national tour, after which he co-founded Chariot, a band which toured constantly for many years, releasing two singles, and becoming a well-known act nationally, during which time Dennis furthered his reputation as one of Australia's foremost electric guitarists.

One of his solo albums was Walking On Thin Ice in 1980 which is not yet released on CD. At the same time he was working on the album Dennis recorded a club dance track called “Bobby and The Space Invaders”. It was originally intended as a commercial for the Space Invaders game, but ended up being released as a single in its own right. It sold well in Sydney and Adelaide and got to #45 in the national charts but fared much better on the club and dance charts. In 1989 it appeared on a compilation CD called "Hits That Missed".

Working from the CD version here for download is an extended Tom Mix 12" of “Bobby and The Space Invaders”...enjoy...!

...For full effect play loud in surround sound if you have it...


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  1. Hey, I'm looking a long time for this song "Bobby and the Space Invaders" and I was surprised to find it at your blog. But... unfortunatly the download link is dead :-(
    Could you please repost it? Thank you so much!