Garry Travers has had a very long recording career starting in the early 1970s. His first hit “It’s Never Really Over”, is fondly remembered but still not available on CD as of 2009. It has almost made it to compilation CDs in the past but as Oz music companies changed hands the proposed CDs were shelved.

In my collection of vinyl I have “It’s Never Really Over”, “Yesterday’s Girl”, “Leonardo Vincent Gauguin” and his most recent venture “The Ballad of Epping Road”. NB. “It’s Never Really Over” can be found on this blog at a previous posting – use search facility to locate this track.


1972 M7 MS-002 It's Never Really Over

1972 M7 MS-003 Yesterday's Girl

1973 Pye 7N.45248 Pasadena's On My Mind

1973 Pye 7N.45306 Talk

197? Ultimat USP-001 Leonardo Vincent Gauguin

2008 The Ballad of Epping Road (as member of Token)

Parliamentarian Greg Smith, is a member of the Sydney-based band Token. In 2008 he wrote lyrics to a new song called “The Ballad of Epping Road”, describing the woeful traffic problems caused by the Lane Cove Tunnel. Token's guitarist Garry Travers had to rewrite the music before the band recorded the song for its second album. They originally sought permission of the copyright owner of “The Road to Gundagai” because that was the tune they were using but they were refused. So Garry wrote a new tune and they adapted the lyrics to fit...

(It is a protest song and if you listen carefully in the chorus towards the end the lyrics sound like they say "give us back our "F"-ing Road". I hope nobody is offended) - Tom.

Picture: Greg Smith and Garry Travers.

Here for download is a Tom Mix remix of “The Ballad of Epping Road”:


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