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For more than a dozen years Mondo Rock dispensed adult pop-rock from 1977 to 1991. The group essentially backed superstar Ross Wilson (ex-Daddy Cool) but within a few years other band members were given the opportunity to shine. Band member Eric McCusker (born Ireland) would become one of the legendary Oz songwriters of the era (Eric was added in the second edition of the band’s line-up).

The first Mondo Rock configuration came together in February 1977, the band’s first single “The Fugitive Kind” made top thirty nationally – the first of 17 Mondo Rock hits. After muso line-up changes, Mondo Rock took a break at the beginning of 1980. Then the new Mondos emerged: Ross still leading with Eric McCusker, a songwriter of skill and focus with James Black on keyboards, Paul Christie on bass and J.J. Hackett on drums – the definitive Mondo Rock formation.

Boom Baby Boom” was a top thirty album in 1986, the single “Primitive Love Rites” achieved the prominence the band had become accustomed to reaching #21 nationally. Armed with this great driving track (and a club dance remix of said track) the Mondos hoped this song would break them in the USA. Ross Wilson says some record company mess-up thwarted them at the time. The song was popular on the USA east coast, then the west coast, but with a time lag of months between. Therefore, the sales numbers combined were high but not enough to make the top 40 on the USA charts. If it had happened at the same time, they could have broken out America wide...

Here for download is the original 12” dance mix of “Primitive Love Rites”:


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