This is a critique from an American about the Oz movie “Starstruck” which was a 1982 hit by director Gillian Armstrong:

…“I only discovered this delightful Australian musical comedy Starstruck this year when I borrowed a friend’s DVD, but I was instantly obsessed by it. The soundtrack (by performers that are mostly on the amateur side) is funny and so weird that you've really got to rent (or buy) the movie and make sure you get to watch it. Of all the Australian films I've seen, this one makes me want to visit the country the most. “Monkey In Me is one of the strangest songs on the soundtrack, performed by the fantastic Jo Kennedy who's also the star of the movie”…

In the movie clip of “Monkey In Me” which you can watch on YouTube you can just recognise a young Geoffrey Rush playing a bit part as a roadie. Geoffrey throws some young man off the stage and then runs back behind the curtain.

Click link to clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4H0JS5ZrarQ

This download is a Tom Mix 7” remix of the hit “Monkey In Me”:


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