Lucky Starr is one of the founding members of the Australian Pop Music Industry. A regular on television shows such as Bandstand and also hosted Six O’clock Rock for one season. He also made regular appearances on Mavis Bramston Revue 60–61, In Melbourne Tonight, Sing Sing Sing, plus many other entertainment shows. In 1962 Lucky recorded a hit record “I’ve Been Everywhere”, which to date still remains one of Australia’s all time favourites. It has been recorded a million times over by various artists and has featured in movies and TV commercials etc.

In the early years Lucky had a massive output of singles but not all were charting hits…There is no definitive "Hit Collection" placed on CD by any major company. It is about time there was!

Partial Discography:


Christmas Rock Medley, Sentimental Journey, When You Come Back To Me, Baby Be Mine, Baby Don’t Lie, Somebody Touched Me.


The Big Hurt, Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home, Wrong, Yeah That’s How, Sweet Georgia Brown, I See You As An Angel, You Still Look Good To Me.


Someone Else’s Roses, Bouquet Of Roses, Candy Pink Lips (The Lisping Song), They Won’t Leave Us Alone, Suspense, Heart-break.


I’ve Been Everywhere, Cuddle Closer, Lucky’s Been Everywhere, June In Junee, I Love You So, Hot Rod, Say You Want Me.


Come On In, Honey Darlin’, Mule Skinner Blues, Rat Race, Poor Little Jimmy Brown.


Blisters, Say You Do, The Three Trees.


Down at the T-A-B.


Big Wheels


All I Can Do.

Lucky’ Biggest Hits:

1960 Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home #35

1960 Wrong #22

1960 Yeah, That's How Rock 'n Roll Was Born #37

1961Someone Else’s Roses #38

1962 I've Been Everywhere #2

1962 June In Junee #22

1964 The Three Trees #20

Here for download is possibly the hardest hit to locate, “Someone Else’s Roses”. It is a Tom Mix remixed mono version from my friend Steve who got it from Roy...Steve and Roy sent it to me to fix as it had some odd anomalies in the centre I had to remove....

I'm sure Midoztouch contributors K1W1 and Micko will be happy to see it make an appearance after all these years...

Many thanks to all who helped get it back out for the general public to enjoy!



  1. Thanks heaps for this Tom, I've been looking for this one. You're right, this is one of the hardest of Lucky's to find because it only had a minor chart placing in Sydney & didn't make any other charts in Oz. So much appreciated mate

  2. Hey Tom,

    Wondering if ya can help me out i have been after lucky starr someone else's roses for a very long time and saw it on here as maybe a download however doesn't seem to work can you maybe able to help me out with a cpoy of this track would be very helpful willing to pay for cost

    my email is craigsarnold@msn.com

  3. can anybody help me out am lookin for lucky starr someone else's roses my email is craigsarnold@msn.com would really aprreciate if someone can help me search for this song