Keith McGowan was born 1943 in Melbourne Australia. Keith was a radio presenter at various stations over the years and still works as of 2009. In 1979 he had a top ten hit with a narrative piece called "A Little Boy's Christmas Prayer" on the Fable label. It has been released as an MP3 download and can be purchased from numerous American and British internet sites - freely available if you live in those countries. For people in Oz it was on a Rajon CD which has long been out of print.

The song is a spoken piece designed to tug at the heartstrings of Christmas motorists…it’s a plea to slow down and survive the holidays….a lovely sentiment to be sure but the delivery borders on pure corn. The backing is “Silent Night”…it surfaces in places…but no matter how hard it tries Keith manages to drown it out...

The first download is from a Midoztouch contributor called "Wholives" and they have donated a link to the B-side called "Little Boy Blue":


The second download is the A-side "A Little Boy's Christmas Prayer". ENJOY!


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  1. This has memories for me. If I recall it references the tragic road toll at in the 70's when over 1000 people were killed in road accidents on Victorian roads in one year. The campaign was 'Declare War on 1034'. It is amusing to listen to it now ... and yes it does border on pure corn! A nice little gem however !