Terry Young and Mona Lisa had a #19 smash hit in 1979 called “I Wanna Make It With You Tonight”. They were not Australians and have since ventured back to America whence they came. For a while Mona Lisa and Terry worked as back-up singers for Marcia Hines and got billing with Marcia on a few singles produced by Robbie Porter, one being “Save The Last Dance For Me”. Marcia and Robbie also included the single I Wanna Make It With You Tonighton Marcia's album called “Ooh Child”.

Terry and wife Mona Lisa have worked with many artists including Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Joe Cocker and appear on the soundtrack for The Lion King II on the tracks “Love Will Find A Way”, “My Lullaby”, “He Lives In You” and “One Of Us”.

Mona Lisa had a solo album in 1983 “Knife” but it was full of covers. It didn’t sell well, and that's regrettable because she had potential as a solo artist. “Knife” has never been reissued on CD. Marcia’s album has been on CD and so has the short single version of “I Wanna Make It With You Tonight”.

Here for download is the extended Tom Mix 12” of “I Wanna Make It With You Tonight”:


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