Frankie J. Holden (real name Peter Bryan, mild mannered chartered accountant by day) released his debut solo single “My Right Of Way” in April 1977. The “A” side of the single was the theme to the Australian movie F. J. Holden. It reached #34 nationally. Frankie, as a solo artist, was competing against his own band’s material in the same year; he being the lead singer of 1950s tribute group Ol’55 who had a few hits under their belt by this time.

Frankie was the lead singer of Ol’55 beginning in 1975 but by 1977 he was trying to find an out. By the end of 1977 Frankie had gone totally solo. “My Right Of Way” is a much remembered song but not officially released on CD as of 2009.

The movie has been released on DVD. “F. J. Holden” was Michael Thornhill's second feature film as director and was filmed in late 1976. The young lead actors used in the film were not experienced, apart from acting in local school productions. A very young Sigrid Thornton makes her feature debut with this film in the minor role of Wendy. The singer Frankie J. Holden also appears in the movie…The original music for the film is credited to Jim Manzie. The 7" single (as indicated) was written by Jim Manzie and Glenn A. Baker - the promoter and manager of Ol'55 (also arch rival of Molly Meldrum - see the Norman Gunston notes futher over).

Other music used in the film comes from various popular Australian musicians of the era. The bands suitably featured on the soundtrack include Ol'55, Skyhooks, The Renee Geyer Band and Stars .

This is an almost pristine copy of My Right Of Way. Enjoy!


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