The band Stars are a legendary Adelaide band who shot to fame with their first single “Quick On The Draw” in 1976 followed by their second single “With A Winning Hand”.

Circa 1975, Stars were a support act for Little River Band. Beeb Birtles (a member of L.R.B.) was impressed with their work, recommended Stars for a
record contract, got them signed and also produced their first single. Legendary Ernie Rose produced their second 7" hit. The band originally consisted of Mick Pealing (vocals), Mal Eastick (guitar), Glyn Dowling (drums) and Graham Thompson (bass). After the success of their first 2 singles they added Andy Durant as a second guitarist circa 1977 who wrote their third hit “Mighty Rock”. The band was able to sustain a chart run for more than 4 years and had a great deal of work here and overseas. The city where they charted most was Melbourne with many of their 7” singles making very good sales.

Andy Durant died from cancer on 6 May 1980 aged 25. Later that year Mal Eastick organised the Andrew Durant memorial
concert in Melbourne. The concert featured Stars, Jimmy Barnes, Renée Geyer, Richard Clapton and many more. The profits from the concert and sale of the double album and DVD went to The Andrew Durant Cancer Research Centre.

If you would like to know more about the Stars band, Mal and Mick both have sites where you can see what they boys are doing nowadays. Mal, in particular, is very generous with his time. Please click the links:

Mal Eastick: http://www.maleastick.com/biography.htm

Mick Pealing: http://mickpealing.com.au/history/

The Stars band has included members: Glyn Dowling – Drums, Andrew Durant – Guitar, Malcolm Eastick –Guitar, Mick Elliot – Guitar, J.J. Hackett – Drums, Michael Hegerty – Bass, Ian McDonald – Bass, Roger McLachlan – Bass, Mick Pealing – Vocals, Graham Thompson- Bass

Stars on 45:

“Quick On The Draw” b/w "Straight Life" 1976 #24

“With A Winning Hand” b/w "Drift Away" 1976 #32

“Mighty Rock” b/w “Jupiter Creek”1977 #25

“Look After Yourself” b/w “Redneck Boogie”1978 #25

“Back Again” b/w “Let’s Get Moving” 1978 #35

“West Is The Way” (single edit) b/w “No Time For Crying” 1978 #49

“In And Out Of Love” b/w “Song For The Road” 1979 #43

“Land Of Fortune” b/w “Innocent Bystander” Jan.1979

“Wasted Words” b/w "Never Coming Back” May 1979

“Last Of The Riverboats” b/w “Gold Fever” Oct 1979

Three of the Stars albums have been on CD but their early first two singles have not appeared on anything after 1977. As with many 1970s Oz acts, their early work has been ignored by the big music companies...

Here for download are 4 songs in a ZIP file - the “A” and “B” sides of their first 2 singles, “Quick On The Draw” (Remastered Version by Tom Mix) b/w "Straight Life" and “With A Winning Hand(Remastered Version by Tom Mix) b/w "Drift Away".



  1. Tom, thanks for these gems. The Stars were one of the most under-rated oz bands from that era.

  2. Tom,

    would really like to get access to these great tracks but the link no longer works. Can you advise how I could get them... many thx