Back in the 1970s The Millionaires from Melbourne had 3 or 4 songs recorded with at least 2 singles out and were booked to make an album but I think the project was shelved. Their first single called "It's A Deal" sounded a bit like a “Skyhooks” song and got panned at the time for being so. The second single was called “Don’t Mention The Junta”. One of the band members Vynhal Henry (violinist) went by the name of “Jimmy Tomorrow”. Tim Brosnan (guitarist) went on to play in Paul Kelly’s band “The Dots”. The singles have never been released on C.D.


Brosnan Tim (g) 1975-1977, Hicks David (d) 1977, Leeson Steve (b,bv) 1975-1977, Segnit Karl (d) 1975-1977, Smith Nick (v,g) 1975-1977, Vynhal Henry (viol) 1975-1977, Walters Reynold Barton (g) 1977.


It's a Deal - 1976 on Mushroom Records

Please Don't Mention The Junta - 1977 on
Soviet Records

Here is a download to their first single "It's A Deal":



  1. Can you please get the link back up? Or perhaps another link?

  2. I saw this band live in about 1977 in Richmond in Melbourne and we thought they might be the next big thing. I saw them on countdown and bought the single. However they went quiet after that and sometime later released a puzzling second single which I still think I have somewhere. the second single was a different line up and a move to politics rather than glam pop. I noticed some of the members in other bands after that around the traps at times.