Olivia Newton-John was born in Cambridgeshire, England, to a Welsh-born father, "Bryn" Newton-John, and a German-born mother, Irene Born. The family moved to Melbourne when Liv was about 5.

Olivia is the granddaughter of Max Born, a German Jewish Nobel prize-winning physicist who fled from Germany in the 1930s with his wife in order to avoid persecution due to his and his wife's Jewish heritage. "Bryn" was an MI5 officer on the Enigma project and was one of the officers who took Rudolph Hess into custody during World War II.

Olivia has made million$ from her work but it all started in the late 1960s in Australia. One of her early hits was also done in German.

Below I have posted an extended Tom Mix 12" version of the German “Banks Of The Ohio”. A rare treat for any serious collector!


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