Peter Moscos and Laurie Stone had a great music partnership and by 1980 were destined to spread out across Australia with their catchy melodies which they had crafted in their home town of Brisbane. They were on Countdown and other shows promoting their first single “Captain Captain” which was a hit and has since been released on C.D. But their glory days were short lived. The second single “Trouble In The City” was a minor hit but their string of subsequent lesser singles sank quickly.

Peter Moscos had been one of the members of the pop group The Sect and had participated in hits such as "Lonely Road" and "St. John's Wood". He was next in a group called the Platterpushers who evolved into another group called Burke and Wills. They had the singles "Thank You" and "Come With Me". Peter was a member of the group Hands Down with Tony Worsley and a drummer called Jamie Dunn. Jamie Dunn went onto fame as the voice of Agro (the TV puppet and singing star). Peter Moscos wrote and produced songs for the Agro show and albums as well as the TV show Pugwall.

Since Peter’s pop career stalled in the 1980s he worked behind the scenes and wrote songs for many Australian artists and TV productions. Peter born 1948 died in 2003 of cancer in Sydney.

His partner Laurie Stone was a member of the Queensland pop groups Carol Lloyd Band and Railroad Gin that had a hit with “Matter Of Time” in 1974.

Below is a track that should have been a dance hit but by the time it was released the end was in sight for Moscos and Stone, it’s the ultra catchy “Saturday Night In Mexico”.

The version for download has been extended and vamped up a little to comply with today’s audiophile levels.


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  1. thanks Mr Mix. I am actually looking for the MP3 of Lonely Road.
    I have the vinyl single, so I paid the royalty a long time ago.
    Do you have it?