John Torv 2SM radio announcer had a NSW hit in 1970 on ATA records with his version of the Melanie song “What have they done to my song, ma”. John tried his luck again in 1975 with a song on RCA records: "Too Much Funky Business" b/w "Danny's Song". John’s radio career went on for years but his recordings were few and far between.

John’s real name was Hans Torv, nowadays better known for being the estranged father of actress Anna Torv who is in an American TV series “Fringe”. Anna is the niece of Anna Murdoch (nee Torv), ex-wife of Rupert and mother of Elisabeth, Lachlan, and James Murdoch. With family connections like these, it's no wonder that she leapt to the front of the pack despite a slim acting resume. Anna Torv may be an unknown in America, but in Australia she’s an old TV veteran, with stints on the series “The Secret Life of Us”, “McLeod’s Daughters”, and “Young Lions”. In the UK she was in the TV series “Mistresses”.

John's first hit has appeared on CD once but it was almost deleted the same week it was released. Here is the link to the extended Tom Mix version of What have they done to my song, ma:



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  2. Great post - I found a copy of his 'Too much Funky Business' single a while back - seems to be damn hard to find. Cool to read about this guy since I didn't know anything about him.